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Special issues of Image and Narrative 
Edited by Karen Brown, Camille Fort et Laurence Petit

Text and Image in Children’s Literature / Texte et image dans la littérature de jeunesse

N° 19.1 (2018)

Volume 1: Power and Authority in Text and Image: the educational and political dimension of children’s literature 

Table of Contents

Karen Brown, Camille Fort, Laurence Petit

The Magic Pencil : Représentations de l’enfant producteur d’images dans le récit illustré britannique pour la jeunesse
Virginie Douglas

“Royalty is no longer quite royal”: word and image in the children’s tales of Queen Marie of Romania
Shona Kallestrup

Looking at captions to get the full picture. Framing illustrations in Italian editions of Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Valentina Abbatelli

Innocence lost: picturebook narratives of depravity
Katarzyna Smyczyńska

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N° 19.2 (2018)

Volume 2: Beyond the Text / Image Interaction: the construction and deconstruction of meaning in children’s literature

Table of Contents

Karen Brown, Camille Fort, Laurence Petit

Solidarités iconotextuelles, genre et pouvoir dans le conte d’Oscar Wilde « The Young King » illustré par Jessie Marion King
Catherine Delyfer

Metaphorical Display of Moods and Ideas in Picture Books
Isabelle Gras

Retelling the Three Little Pigs: Collusion between Text and Image in Postmodern Variations
Hélène Gaillard

Le nonsense entre image et texte
Jean-Jacques Lecercle

Embodied Stories: Tattoos, Self-identity, and Children’s Literature
Anne Chassagnol

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