Maxime Leroy

Maxime Leroy is senior lecturer at the Université de Haute-Alsace, where he teaches English as a foreign language, translation from English to French, British literature and preparation to CAPES (teaching diploma). He is a founding member of the research group Illustr4tio. His research focuses on authorial peritexts, mostly prefaces and illustrations, in the “long” nineteenth century. He has published on authors, illustrators and/or preface writers such as Walter Scott, William Thackeray, George Du Maurier and Henry James. He has also studied the iconotext, in the sense of visual writing, in the works of Dinah Craik, John Galsworthy and D. H. Lawrence, among others. Much of his works bears on the systemic interactions between these verbal and visual elements—text, iconotext, verbal and visual peritext, and pictorial referents.

Selected publications

  • « Un fleuve incertain : le Rhin dans ‘The Border-Line’ de D. H. Lawrence et quelques gravures de Paul Nash », Les Voyageurs du Rhin, (N. Dziub, dir.), Editions et presses universitaires de Reims, 2016, 203-219.
  • « The Golden Age(s) of British Illustration », Studies in Literature and Culture, Université de Lublin, vol. 14, 2016, 165-180.
  • « Distorted Dreams: Peter Ibbetson from Illustration to Adaptation », Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens, vol. 82, 2015,
  • « Social Iconotext: the Stoics’ Club in John Galsworthy’s The Country House », Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens, vol. 81, 2015,
  • « Images du magasin d’antiquités : Dickens, Stevenson, James », La Licorne, n°108 « Autour du Tiers pictural, “Thanks to Liliane Louvel” », 2014, PU Rennes, 89-104.